Kitesurf Courses in Tarifa

Discover the secrets to kitesurfing and not dying trying

Who are our kitesurfing courses for?

Get all the information about our kitesurfing courses.

  • Kitesurf customized to your needs

    Whether you already handle this water sport, or if you have never practiced kitesurfing, you can access our semi-private courses. We adjust to your level and availability.

  • For families

    Look for new forms of outdoor leisure, there is nothing like sport to feel united!

  • For groups of friends

    Get started in a common activity and be able to practice kitesurfing in company.

  • Individual

    The perfect option if you want to get started in this sport and you love meeting new people, you and nature accepting new challenges!

  • Semi-private

    If you have already done a group kitesurfing course and now you want to advance your training with a semi-private course. You will have more time to communicate with your instructor and continue to evolve in kite practice. Your level will mark the starting point.

At Tarifa Kite Experience our kitesurfing courses are aimed at all lovers of nature, sport and action.

It does not matter if you come alone or accompanied.
You will be able to test your skills above the kite board.

Choose your kitesurf course

We show you the best kitesurf courses in Valdevaqueros.
You have 6 types of courses, choose one or more kitesurf courses.
We adapt to your needs.

In a group

Kitesurfing course for groups of friends who want to have fun and learn to practice kitesurfing in complete safety and freedom. You just have to choose the days you want to give the lessons with one of our kitesurf instructors and enjoy in a group.


Children require a special methodology, the most important thing is that the child enjoy and have a good time learning Kitesurf. We have specialized instructors to give this course and that is why at Tarifa Kite Experience we are professionals and we have this Kitesurf course for children.


100% recommended course when you come to Valdevaqueros - Tarifa, in the company of friends, friends, partner, children.
This semi-private course that we offer at Tarifa Kite Experience consists of an instructor and all the material for 2 people.


This type of boat course is perfect for 2 people who have done their little kitesurfing forays but want to advance faster in their kitesurfing lessons at sea, with total security that they have an instructor next to them teaching them.


If you want a kitesurf instructor for yourself, this is your ideal course to learn kitesurfing in Valdevaqueros (Tarifa). If you are a newbie to kitesurfing or if you have already taken some kitesurfing lessons and want to move faster, this is your perfect kitesurfing course for you.


Kitesurfing course 100% recommended for those who already control the kite and navigate the waves with agility. This course will help you improve your technique and skill on the kite board.

Price of kitesurfing courses

We list all the estimated prices of our kitesurfing courses on the Valdevaqueros beach, Tarifa (Cádiz).

Private course

Per session

More info

  • 2,5 hours/session

Semi-private Course

Per session

Más info

  • 3 hours/session
  • 4 Recommended sessions

Group course

Per session

Más info

  • 3 hours/session
  • 4 Recommended sessions

Call and ask for the price of your course!

In all courses, extra time is usually given to achieve the objectives of the day / session.
Ask about offers and discounts for our courses when making your reservation.

General characteristics of all kitesurfing courses

Technical material included in all our kitesurfing courses.

Kite and bar

Good material is essential to learn safely and ensure good progression. For the courses we choose top brand material specifically designed for good initial progression in the early stages and not technical kites designed for more advanced levels that have better resale in the second hand kite market. The material is available in all sizes to cover all wind ranges in a safe and effective way. It is renewed every 6 months thus ensuring the safety of the course by avoiding the risk of accident due to breakage or deterioration of the material due to its continuous exposure to the sun and intensive use.


Top brand boards renewed every year and specifically designed to facilitate planning and a correct evolution.


Top brand harnesses renewed every year for maximum comfort during learning.


We use long wetsuits of different thicknesses adapting to the water temperature depending on the time of year. All material is disinfected after each use and is properly treated to ensure hygiene and avoid biological risk to our customers.
They are renewed every year.

Flotation vests

We use approved, ergonomic flotation vests to ensure comfortable and safe practice during classes.

Eva helmets

Adjustable ergonomic helmets for greater safety.

Radio communicators

Radios that allow us to maintain continuous contact to give instructions to students in the water or in situations of distance.

Liability insurance

Mandatory insurance for the entire company and sports school.

Accident insurance

Accident insurance to practice Kitesurf in total safety.

Rescue boat

Rescue boat in case a student needs it when it goes out to sea or suffers an offshore mishap. The rescue boat is mandatory in all legal kitesurf schools such as Tarifa Kite Experience.

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